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jump into my spaceship

and we'll blast away

17 June
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my first name isn't michelle
i'm not cute and mostly i'm fine with that
i am that girl that got engaged with a pair of flipflops
my favorite movie is the virgin suicides but that can change in a moment
i'm either happy, sad, or mad. there is no inbetween with me.
i like my toenails pink but only in the summer
flipflops are my weakness
cute hair is a must
i've already gotten over you
in pre-k i thought my teacher was dr. seuss
i'm the girl that dumped her boyfriend because she didnt like his hands
a density of souls makes perfect sense to me
crushes come in abundance and last for all of one week tops.
i cried through about 90% of lilo and stitch
cuddling during clerks makes me warm and fuzzy
i like making my own scarves
butterfly kisses in the dark are beautiful
i hate sleeping because i have nightmares
i like my boys literate and stylish, kissable and quiet
big cold beds are the works of satan himself
i detest most girls, especially if they're cuter than me.
i dont like being lied to
my hands are the softest in the summer
&i dont like sleeping alone

"...i realized that i had died and been reborn numberless times and just didn't remember especially because the transitions were so ghostly easy, like falling asleep and waking up again a million times..." -kerouac